5 Bookkeeping Tips for US LLC

5 Bookkeeping Tips For US LLC

Let’s start with the basics. If you are doing this process by yourself, at first, you might find it challenging to navigate the complexities of bookkeeping for an LLC, especially as a non-US resident. 

We want to simplify this process for you, by providing practical and straightforward bookkeeping tips for US LLC owners. 

Whether you are in the beginning stages of a new business or looking to improve an existing one, it is vital to have a strong grasp of these core principles.

The other option that you should have on your mind (especially when growing a global business/ company) is a professional bookkeeper. 

A tip before the tips, Neubase offers a package that includes bookkeeping for your global business. The best part? You can activate it whenever you are ready. 

Understanding LLC Bookkeeping Requirements

What is Bookkeeping?

5 bookkeeping tips for us llc

By definition –
Bookkeeping is the systematic recording, organizing, and maintaining of financial transactions for a business. It forms the foundational layer of the accounting process, providing the necessary data to produce financial statements and make informed business decisions. 

At its core, it involves tracking the money that flows in and out of your business accounts and documenting every financial transaction, including sales, purchases, payments, and receipts.

Having a systemic approach when doing your own bookkeeping is essential.

If you are wondering why that is, here are several reasons: it provides accurate financial reporting, aids in tax preparation; helps in budgeting and financial planning, and is essential for regulatory compliance. 

For US LLCs, especially those managed by non-US residents, bookkeeping becomes even more crucial due to the complexity of international and US-specific tax laws and financial regulations.

Since starting our journey, we have known the importance of having a professional bookkeeping service. That’s why it’s part of our Managed Plus Package.

The Basics of US LLC for Non-US Residents

Juggling a US LLC can be challenging because of all the unique obligations and regulations you gotta follow. The US tax system, regulatory environment, and banking practices can be pretty complicated. 

Just make sure you keep your financial records in order and report everything accurately. And, of course, follow US laws to avoid any legal or financial complications. 

Top 5 Bookkeeping Tips for US LLC


Tip 1: Keep your personal and business finances separate

Friendly advice: Never mix personal and business finances. And, stick to it, because believe it or not, this one is a common pitfall for many entrepreneurs. 

The solution? Split the accounts. This separation simplifies bookkeeping, helps in the process of tax preparation, and protects personal assets from business liabilities. 

With different payment cards and bank accounts, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that when the time comes, you have organized financial records. 

Tip 2: Use an LLC Bookkeeping Template

A well-structured bookkeeping template can transform your financial management. 

It gives you a clear framework for tracking income, expenses, and other financial transactions, making sure everything is noticed. With templates, you can maintain consistent records, making it easier to track your business’s economic health and prepare for tax season.

PRO Bookkeeping Tip: The other option is to always seek professional help. Choose wisely with whom you start this journey, and always do in-depth research about the packages. Here is a comparison that explains why you should consider Neubase.

Tip 3: Master US LLC Tax Obligations

To have knowledge of and handle tax responsibilities properly, if you are operating your business remotely, is literally lifesaving in the ‌long run. 

Starting, you should determine how your LLC will be taxed. Yes, LLCs are “pass-through” entities by default, meaning the business itself doesn’t pay taxes, but the profits are passed through to the owners who report them on their tax returns.

However, some countries worldwide may consider your US LLC to be a domestic company and ask you for financial details for you to avoid paying high taxes at home. Proper bookkeeping will let you write off your expenses as business expenses, and reduce significantly your tax bill as a result.

Most countries, though, including India, South-East European countries, and Latin America – all see LLCs as foreign entities. If that makes you do this process on your own, make sure that you are well informed about your federal, state, and local tax requirements, including income taxes, sales taxes, and any industry-specific taxes.

However, having a professional by your side is always the best option. 

Tip 4: Invest in Quality LLC Bookkeeping Software

Bookkeeping software is a
game-changer for LLCs. It automates many tedious financial tracking and reporting tasks, from invoicing to expense tracking and tax preparation. Choosing the right software can save you time, reduce errors, and provide valuable insights into your business’s financial health.

PRO advice: Explore Puzzle.io

Puzzle.io emerged as a revolutionary tool in financial management, particularly for US LLCs operated by non-US residents. We use Puzzle.io for Neubase bookkeeping and recommend all our clients to sign up for it. We love it.

This innovative platform offers a comprehensive solution for bookkeeping challenges, seamlessly integrating various financial processes into one user-friendly interface. With Puzzle, businesses can automate many routine bookkeeping tasks, from transaction recording to generating detailed financial reports.

The platform’s intuitive design and advanced features make it an ideal choice for LLC owners seeking to streamline their financial operations, providing accuracy and compliance with minimal effort. 

Tip 5: Regular Reconciliation and Reporting

Consistent financial check-ups are just like regular ‘teeth brushing’ – sounds funny but it’s super important for catching discrepancies early and keeping your business on track. 

Regular reconciliation of your accounts guarantees that your financial records match bank statements, highlighting any issues promptly. Periodic financial reporting also provides a snapshot of your business’s health, guiding informed decision-making.

Will the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) audit your accounts? You never know. Better keep everything in order.

The Role of Professional Bookkeepers

If you ever catch yourself being more lost than organized when running and switching between responsibilities, don’t be scared – progress is happening. And all it takes to grow is professional care of your bookkeeping. 

Understanding when and how a professional bookkeeper can contribute to your business is one of the most important decisions for sustained growth and compliance, especially for non-US residents managing the complexities of US financial regulations.

When to Consider Hiring a Professional

As your business grows, so do your financial responsibilities. When bookkeeping starts taking up significant time that could be better spent on core business activities or when financial complexities exceed your comfort level, it’s time to consider a professional bookkeeper.

 They can bring expertise, efficiency, and peace of mind to your financial management.


Effective bookkeeping is crucial for the success of any business, and it is an essential part of legal and financial compliance for non-US residents operating a US LLC. 

In addition, it is essential to recognize when to seek the help of professional bookkeepers. Their expertise can be invaluable in navigating the complexities of the US financial landscape. It can help guarantee that your business is well-equipped to follow legal and financial requirements.

Feel free to explore the Neubase solutions and the benefits that can be part of your entrepreneurial story. 

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5 Bookkeeping Tips For US LLC

5 Bookkeeping Tips for US LLC

Let’s start with the basics. If you are doing this process by yourself, at first, you might find it challenging to navigate the complexities of

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