Register a global company remotely.

Neubase offers remote company formation and business support for entrepreneurs who want to have a global business without the need to travel to the USA. Everything is done remotely from the comfort of your home. 

0% income tax on your foreign income

Access to online banks and Payments

Perfect for startups and selling online


Zero taxes on income made in the USA

With a few simple steps, you can effectively pay zero taxes on all the funds earned.

World-class payments processors

Send invoices and receive funds with Stipe, PayPal, Wise, Mercury, and many more.

Startup funding and venture capital funds

Easy to operate and use world-class services, plus access to global venture capital funds.

Investment platforms and privacy

Invest in SP500 and ETFs with ease. Plus LLC owners’ names are kept private.

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Our Process

You Complete the form on the website

We require information about you and your company so we can submit the files to the US authorities. 

We file for company incorporation

We take your information, check your company name availability, and file it for incorporation with our registered agents. 

We get your company EIN number

Every US company legally has an EIN (Employer Identification Number), with it you can open banks account and start working.

Your business is ready and operational

The process takes ~4 weeks. After that, you are fully operational. We also support your journey along the way.

Ready to Start your company?

We are available 24/7 and offer endless support for every question that you might have.
You only need to take care of your business growth of and leave the compliance and legal part of the business to us, we got your back.

Hey, you are about to become a global entrepreneur!

This is the first stage of the founding of your new company.

We are going to ask you a few questions to get the information we need to incorporate your company for you.
The incorporation process takes 3-4 days. Once we get the documents from the registered agents, we will reach out to you to sign a document to obtain your EIN number.
Keep this page open while you make a secure Stripe payment and then click Submit.


Thank you for submitting the form.

You are one step closer to having a global business.
We will contact you via email or phone in the next 24 to 48 hours. 

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