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Remotely start a company in the USA from anywhere in the world for as little as $49 a month (paid annually) and use all available world-class tools.

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Join a family of global entrepreneurs

Run your global business from anywhere in the world, without traveling to the US. We’ll take care of papers and legal issues.

e-Commerce Shops

Open an online store in a few hours and sell through Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and many others. Receive payments in the way your customers prefer to pay.

Marketing Agencies

Grow your business and boost your credibility by having a US-registered entity. Send invoices and receive money with Stipe, Wise, Mercury, etc.

SaaS startups

Get access to venture capital available only to US companies. Receive frictionless payments from users worldwide, in any currency.

How it Works

It’s a straightforward process and it’s really simple to follow. Our agents will guide you step by step through the journey.

Fill in the form with your info

The online form will ask you for your basic info. Submit the info and expect a call from us in the next 48h to get things started. A good starting point would be the company name which you should have figured out when starting out.

Company Incorporation happens In 2-3 Days

We submit your application with our registered agent. If the company name is available in the company register, your business will be active in the next 48 to 72 hours.

Obtain Your EIN In 2-4 Weeks

After the registration is complete, you will be assigned an Employer Identification Number / EIN for short. The timeframe is dependent on the Internal Revenue Service.

Open A Bank Account And Start Operating

Your EIN – The business number can be used open an online bank account and you are good to go.
We guide and support you on your journey to success.  

Benefits Of Having a Remote Company


Banks & Payment Processors

Send invoices and receive funds with Stipe, PayPal, Wise, Mercury, and many more.


Cheap to run and maintain

Easy to operate and use world-class services like Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy without limits.


Zero taxes in the United States

With a few simple steps, you can effectively pay zero taxes on all the funds earned.


Company Owners Privacy

LLC owners’ names are not published in public records. The law keeps them private.




Yearly Fee

Filling for incorporation
Registered Agent + State Fee
Obtaining EIN number
Unlimited consultations & support
Bank account help
Payment processor accounts help
IRS tax return forms 1120, 5472, 1065
Annual Report (filling + state fee)
Contract templates
Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy

Managed Plus


Yearly fee | OR $120 monthly

Filling for incorporation
Registered Agent + State Fee
Obtaining EIN number
Unlimited consultations & support
Bank account help
Payment processor accounts help
IRS tax return forms 1120, 5472, 1065
Annual Report (filling + state fee)
Contract templates
Terms & Conditions (1 website)
Privacy Policy (1 website)


ITIN – Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
IRS tax return 1040-NR (affiliate and investments)
Fees for changes in the LLC


Client Testimonials

The process is straightforward and easy to follow. The team was super helpful with every concern that I had, super responsive, they guided me along the way. ​
Natasa Venova
E-commerce shop
Such a great experience with Neubase, their customer care is outstanding! They took care of everything, felt like world-class service.
Milos Nikolic
E-commerce shop
This was definitely the right move for us because of our target customers and future goals. The benefits are amazing, I've already recommended them to my network. ​
Onur Mehmed
Dev Agency
I couldn’t be happier with the service I received. They have a deep understanding of the industry and have done a great job communicating with me through the process. I have been working with my US company for 3 months and already see results.
Vasil Atanasovski
Amazon FBA
Neubase offers an all-encompassing service that goes beyond just registering a company in the USA. They also assist in obtaining a bank account and provide all the essential instructions for effectively managing the company.
Zeynep Yildiz
E-Commerce Shop
They were incredibly responsive and helpful. Whenever we had a question or needed assistance, they were always here with clear and timely responses. Thank you for the exceptional support!
Miodrag M.
SEO Agency


It allows you to work globally and gives you access to the best financial services in the world, bureaucracy is almost non-existent and the effective tax rate is 0%.
Setting up a company in most countries means high taxes, bureaucracy, and limited access to payment options like Stripe.
Working through a Wyoming LLC is a small investment that brings many benefits.

It is possible if you meet the following conditions:
– You do not have your own US premises (Amazon FBA warehouses or other leased premises do not count)
– You have no US employees (US freelancers do not count)
– You do not stay more than 30 days a year in the US (can be more, but you will need to prove yourself to the IRS).

Yes, you can open an online bank account without traveling to the US. We work with Mercury and Relay Financial, where we can pre-fill your applications, and you need just to verify your identity. You can also open a US Wise business account.

It is impossible to guarantee opening an online bank account. We will ensure that your business is eligible, and we will pre-fill your application to ensure that all the questions the bank may have are answered properly. However, the final decision is up to the online bank and its partner banks.Opening a PayPal account requires one more step – getting an SSN or ITIN number.

Yes, US businesses operated from abroad are eligible for US Stripe accounts. The process of opening an account is rather simple. We cannot pre-fill this form for you, but we can help with guiding you through the application.

Yes, you can open a Paypal account, but it is not easy to do and it requires two additional steps.

First, you need to obtain an ITIN, which is a tax number for an individual and costs $250 one-time fee. Second, you need proof of US address with a utility bill. That costs around $100 a month or more.

You have two obligations to American institutions:

– Annual report to the Wyoming Secretary of State. This application is submitted to confirm that the company is still operating and active. If it is not submitted on time, it is considered that the company is no longer in business.
– Annual tax return forms to the IRS.

We take care of both under the subscription plan.

You can simply send them to your local bank account, to your personal Wise account, to your Payoneer, or any other financial account you may have.

It offers better access to US customers, peace of mind and minimal bureaucracy and fees, along with access to advanced financial services that may not be available in your country for a long time. By running a domestic company, you may be limited to local banks and unable to receive payments via popular platforms like Stripe. Additionally, you can never be sure if local institutions will introduce new charges for you soon

If you manage everything yourself (file annual reports, file tax returns, etc), about $250 a year. If we manage everything for you, it will cost you $590 a year or $1190 with bookkeeping included. If you want to use additional services from an accountant, add articles to the deed of incorporation, etc., this entails additional costs.

Each LLC must submit an annual report to the Secretary of State, submit tax forms to the IRS, and report beneficial owners to the FinCEN.
All the reports are included in our packages.

It is better to have bookkeeping than not. We offer full bookkeeping service with our Managed Plus package.
If you are on the Managed package ($590 a year), that doesn’t include bookkeeping. However, for preparing your tax forms we will need your balance sheet and your profit/loss statement. To have them, you need someone to handle the bookkeeping (you or someone else).

For our subscribers, it is free of charge. We’ll handle the paperwork and cover the costs of dissolution. We’ll walk you through the necessary steps you need to take and cover the expenses of closing your company.

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Running a US-based company and working remotely from anywhere in the world, plus having zero taxes and access to every single tool imaginable is affordable and easier than ever. 

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