How to create a US Stripe account from South-Eastern Europe: 2024 Guide

To create a US Stripe Account is an amazing business opportunity.

Because running an online business in South-East Europe is painful, we know. The payment processors available are… not ideal while you read on the internet that your US competitors have seamless integration with any imaginable tool out there. 

Your local banks may not provide you with the necessary services, and world-class payment processors may not work with them either. 

A great payment processor is essential for providing customers with a seamless payment experience and building trust and credibility. No matter if you are a freelancer, have an agency or sell physical or digital products online, having the benefits of connecting your business/website with a payment processor like Stripe is a must. 

Southeast Europe is a well-known region for its great food and awesome weather but it comes down to having your business run smoothly, well that’s just not happening as it should be. There’s a way to open a Stripe account from Southeast Europe by creating a US LLC company.
This bridge between you and Stripe can be set up online, no need to travel to the USA and the investment is quite affordable for the benefits you’d get. Once you have your company, you can access all the world’s payment processors and online banks.

To help you with this process, we have created a guide that outlines everything you need to do between reading this article and getting your Stripe account.

This guide is specifically tailored for non-US residents from South-Eastern Europe and does not include traveling to the United States.

 open a stripe account from Southeast Europe

Understanding the Basics

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment processing tool designed to support businesses of all sizes, from new startups to established enterprises. Its primary function is enabling companies to accept and manage online payments, including credit card transactions, ACH transfers, etc. 

Why Stripe?

A user-friendly interface, high-security measures, and extensive integration capabilities set it apart, making it a preferred choice for businesses looking to expand their online presence. 

The setup process? Easy and smooth.

It is the most accessible tool to use for receiving payments online, no matter whether you are a developer or not. It is that easy to implement.

Key features of Stripe include:

  • Payment Processing: Stripe’s streamlined processing system allows businesses to accept payments using various methods and currencies, catering to a global customer base.
  • Financial Management: Beyond processing payments, Stripe offers tools for managing finances, including invoicing, subscription billing, and financial reporting, all from a centralized dashboard.
  • Security and Compliance: With built-in fraud prevention and compliance with PCI standards, Stripe ensures that both businesses and their customers are protected during every transaction.
  • Developer-Friendly Tools: Stripe provides a rich set of APIs, allowing developers to customize and integrate payment processing into websites and applications, aligning with specific business needs.

All this comes with a few lines of code, and you don’t have to be an engineer to get a grasp on it.

For Southeastern European entrepreneurs operating US LLCs, Stripe not only offers a gateway to accept payments from customers worldwide but also provides a well-structured platform for managing the financial aspects of their business with ease and security.

US Stripe Account Requirements

Citizens and residents of Southeast European countries are not eligible to open Stripe accounts.
But, US companies can. And if you own and control a US company, you basically own and control a Stripe account. For many entrepreneurs worldwide, US LLCs are a bridge between them and the seamless Stripe payments.

In order to open a US Stripe account, you need a US bank account. To open a US bank account, you need an EIN. To get an EIN, you need to have an LLC. It sounds complicated but it’s straightforward. We handle the whole process from start to finish, everything is done in roughly 4 weeks, and it’s mostly waiting queue for the US attorthies to approve your company name, get an operating agreement and a few stops that we have explained here. 

Having said that, to create a US Stripe account, you must meet certain conditions to ensure compliance and smooth operations. These include:

  • Legal Entity: Your US LLC must be registered and in good standing. Documentation proving the existence and status of your LLC will be essential.
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number): Issued by the IRS, an EIN is mandatory for tax purposes and is a key identifier for your business.
  • US Bank Account: Stripe requires a US bank account linked to your LLC for fund processing. You cannot open a Stripe account without having a bank account.
  • Physical US Address: While remotely operating, your LLC should have a registered physical address in the US for official correspondence. The registered agent’s address does the job.
  • Authorized Representative: A person, ideally a member of the LLC, must be designated to act on behalf of the company. This person will be the account’s admin and can add other team members and accountants.
  • Passport: Stripe will ask for a photo of your passport. It must be opened on both sides, and all edges should be visible. It will be used to verify your identity.

Are you starting fresh and learning about US LLCs? Check out our ultimate guide on all the must-knows.

Preparing Your Documentation

Gathering and preparing the correct documentation is a critical step. 
This includes the Articles of Organization of your LLC and your EIN confirmation letter. 
We created a guideline of the Neubase process and how we do it – you can subscribe at the bottom of the article and we’ll send it over.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty stuff of how to set up a US Stripe account. 

Setting Up Your US Stripe Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Our service covers support on opening a Stripe account. However, if you are ready to take this road independently of Neubase, the next step is to create a US Stripe account. 

Create a US Stripe Account

Initiating the Stripe account setup is straightforward and can be done entirely online. 

Here’s how to start:

  • Visit Stripe’s Website: Go to Stripe’s official site and select the option to create a new account.
  • Provide Business Information: Fill in details about your US LLC, including the business name, type, and address.
  • Enter Your EIN: As a US LLC, your Employer Identification Number is your business’s fingerprint.
  • Verify Identity: Stripe requires identity verification for the account’s primary contact, typically uploading an ID and providing personal information.
  • Provide a US phone number for customer support. You need your local phone number for account verification and a US phone number for customer support. A VOIP number is enough. Plenty of apps provide one for free. We have tested TextPlus and OpenPhone, and both work great and are very easy to use, you get to pick your number for a few suggestions and you’re good to go.  

We did some research to save you time, and here is a simple tutorial you can use whenever you need it.

Linking Your Bank Account and Setting Up Payments

Once you’ve created your US Stripe Account, what you’ll need to do is link your US bank account and configure your payment settings:

  • Bank Details: Enter your US bank account information to facilitate fund transfers.
  • Payment Methods: Choose the payment methods you want to accept, such as credit cards and ACH transfers.
  • Currencies: Select the currencies you’ll deal with, ensuring your business’s global reach.

Customizing Your Stripe Dashboard

Your Stripe dashboard is the center of your operations. Here’s how to tailor it to your needs:

  • Integration: Decide how Stripe will integrate with your website or app. Stripe offers various options, from simple “buy now” buttons to full API integrations.
  • User Access: Add team members or accountants to your Stripe account, defining their access levels.
  • Security Settings: Implement two-factor authentication and other security measures to protect your account.

Managing Your US Stripe Account from Your Home: Ensuring Smooth Operations

For South-Eastern European entrepreneurs, effectively managing a US Stripe account over a distance is crucial for business growth. In this section, we will point out insights (briefly) into maintaining and monitoring your Stripe account.

Best Practices for Maintaining and Monitoring Your Stripe Account

Maintaining and monitoring your US Stripe account is crucial to preventing issues and optimizing performance. Consider these best practices:

  • Regular Account Reviews
  • Security Measures
  • Stay Informed

Expanding Your Business with Stripe

Stripe’s ecosystem offers a vast display of integrations that can automate and enhance various aspects of your business:

  • E-commerce Platforms: Connect Stripe with leading e-commerce platforms to streamline online sales and checkout experiences.
  • Accounting Software: Integrate Stripe with accounting tools for real-time financial tracking and reporting, simplifying bookkeeping and tax preparation. We recommend Puzzle accounting software. Their free tier is robust.
  • CRM Systems: Sync Stripe with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to enhance customer insights and personalization

These integrations can help automate operations, improve customer experiences, and provide valuable data insights, driving growth and efficiency.

Conclusion: The Path to Global Business Success

A US Stripe account is essential if you run a US LLC from Europe. Doing so can help you expand your business and achieve global success. You’ll need to understand the legal requirements and take advantage of Stripe’s growth features to get started. 

Remember that Stripe is more than just a payment processor – it’s a powerful tool that can improve your business operations and help you reach customers worldwide. 

As Southeastern European entrepreneurs, we encourage you to embrace this opportunity, use Stripe, and grow your business globally. 

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